What is iScanBrowser?

iScanBrowser is a powerful tool used to scan data into a web browser on an iOS device. You can set up WebForm Rules to automatically select a field to import data, allowing you to avoid the need to tap the field as the focal point for the cursor. This is useful when you need to scan data quickly without using the iOS device’s interface. If you've ever tried to scan data into a search query field, such as Google, you may have noticed that you have to tap on the "Enter" or "Search" button each time. iScanBrowser lets you circumvent this by simulating what is called a "Call Submit" with what we call a WebForm Rule (WFR); allowing you to scan as much data into your preferred web application or web form without having to pause to tap a "Submit" button!

What are Web Form Rules?

Web Form Rules are divided into two categories; Active Page Rules and New Page Rules. Active Page Rules are used to send data from the scanner to the currently loaded web page. New Page Rules load a URL before applying the rules. When new data is sent from a scanner, the application first goes through a list of Active Page Rules, trying to apply every rule for that URL. If a rule is triggered, the processing of the WebForm Rules list is interrupted.

Certain criteria must be met for the Active Page Rule to be applied, including; the URL must match the current web page (Active Page Rules URL field supports the “*” functionality to specify a URL template), “Target Input” is found on the current page, and the “Only if Empty” value corresponds to the target input. Multiple Active Page Rules can be active at one time. If no Active Page Rule is triggered, iScanBrowser can execute a New Page Rule. New Page Rules will load a new URL and set the value of the target input to the new page. Only one New Page Rule can be active at a time.

Where can I download iScanBrowser?

You can download iScanBrowser for iOS from the App Store and iScanBrowser for Android from the Google Play Store.

I want to learn more about iScanBrowser and what it can do for me. How do I get started? 

Great! Our iScanBrowser specialist will be more than happy to help you out! To get started, fill out the web form here!