Where can I download drivers for my USB-to-serial adapter?

You can download drivers for the USB-to-serial adapter Click here.

Where can I download drivers for the BlueSnap USB?

You can download drivers for the BlueSnap USB Click here.

I purchased a BlueSnap Bluetooth RS-232 Adapter, how do I configure it?

All of our BlueSnap Bluetooth hardware is shipped with these basic settings:
115200 / 8 / None / 1 / None, No Flow Control, and is set to Slave Mode.

If you wish to modify these or any other settings, please see the BlueSnap Configuration page.

Does the RS-232 cable for my mobile device require drivers?

No. The various RS-232 cables that we provide for mobile devices do not require drivers. However, you will need software of some kind (SerialMagic, or custom, third-party, other) to communicate to your device via the cable.

When I plug in my USB-to-serial adapter, Vista Crashes!

If you plug in the USB-to-serial adapter on a Windows Vista machine, and the computer crashes (Blue Screen), then do the following:

  • Uninstall all drivers that were installed for the USB-to-serial cable
  • Reboot the Vista machine
  • Plug in the cable, and let Windows search for the driver from Microsoft Software Update
  • Vista should install the drivers automatically

When properly installed, the cable will show up as "Prolific USB Serial Port" under Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports.