What is a BlueSnap dongle?

BlueSnap dongles are used to Bluetooth enable RS-232 devices. BlueSnap dongles are available in 9-pin male or female connections. These units are also available in battery powered (two AAA batteries - rechargeable or alkaline) or externally powered modules. BlueSnap units are compatible with Serial Port Profile (SPP), Human Interface Device (HID), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) configurations. Note HID modules can send data to iOS devices but can not receive data from the iOS device.

What is the BlueSnap SPP-KEY bridge?

The BlueSnap SPP-KEY Bridge is a device that allows you to connect any Bluetooth SPP device to iOS via Bluetooth HID (keyboard emulation), which allows you to use a Bluetooth SPP device to post data to cursor location of any iOS app.

Where can I download drivers for my USB-to-serial adapter?

You can download drivers for the USB-to-serial adapter from https://serialio.com/downloads

Where can I download drivers for the BlueSnap USB?

You can download drivers for the BlueSnap USB from https://serialio.com/downloads

I purchased a BlueSnap Bluetooth RS-232 Adapter, how do I configure it?

All of our BlueSnap Bluetooth hardware is shipped with these basic settings:
115200 / 8 / None / 1 / None, No Flow Control, and is set to Slave Mode.

If you wish to modify these or any other settings, please see the our article on how to configure the BlueSnap dongle.

Does the RS-232 cable for my mobile device require drivers?

No. The various RS-232 cables that we provide for mobile devices do not require drivers. However, you will need software of some kind (SerialMagic, or custom, third-party, other) to communicate to your device via the cable. When properly installed, the cable will show up as "Prolific USB Serial Port" under Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports.