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SerialMagic does not work with my Bluetooth adapter or built-in Bluetooth, what can I do?

SerialMagic for Windows only supports Windows Bluetooth adapters or BlueSnap USB adapters. Some Bluetooth adapters use 3rd Party drivers. If your Bluetooth adapter uses Widcomm/Broadcomm, or Toshiba drivers, they will need to be removed. Please see the following document for further explanation, and procedure to Hack Windows Bluetooth to support any Bluetooth adapter.

How do I use setup SerialMagic with Readerware on Windows?

See the Setup Guide for SerialMagic and Readerware on Windows.

What is the Bluetooth Passkey for the Scanfob® 2002 scanner?

The default passkey for the Scanfob® 2002 scanner is 0000. (Please note that the scanner passkey is different from the software license key)

Do I need to use ISBN Conversion?

ISBN Conversion is a feature of SerialMagic Pro aimed at customers who scan book barcodes. In default mode, the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic will read the book barcode as a 13 digit number. If your application requires the ten digit ISBN number, then you should activate ISBN Conversion (see below).

How do I setup my scanner for ISBN Conversion?

To setup your scanner and software for ISBN Conversion, see this page:
How Do I Scan ISBN's ?

What is the 5 digit barcode next to the book barcode, and what do I do about it?

On some books, there are two barcodes side-by-side. One barcode is 5 digits long, referred to as the product code, or "supplemental code." Some applications, such as Readerware, can handle the extra code, other applications cannot. Configure the LaserChamp to either "Combine Barcodes" or "Disable Supplemental Codes" by scanning the appropriate control barcode found on the following sheets:

If you have a LaserChamp II barcode scanner:
LaserChamp II Barcode Scanner Control Codes

If you have an original LaserChamp barcode scanner:
LaserChamp Barcode Scanner Control Codes

I scanned one barcode, why does it keep displaying it over and over again?

Check to make sure that the correct “Device Type” is selected in SerialMagic. If the problem persists, contact your supplier or Technical Support.

SerialMagic Bluetooth does not reconnect following suspend/resume cycle on Vista!

If you are experiencing problems with re-connecting to Bluetooth devices on after a suspend/resume cycle on Vista, please Read this.

How do I turn off LaserChamp II (aka ROV) sequence numbers over Bluetooth connection?

Download LaserChamp II scanner control codes.

Scan the following three (3) LaserChamp II (aka ROV) control barcodes

ACK-NAK Disable

Sequence Numbers Disable

Serialization over Bluetooth Disable