What is SerialMagic?

SerialMagic is the most popular way to get serial data to practically any location that you need. Serial data comes from electronic devices such as (but not limited to): barcode scanners, RFID readers, magnetic strip readers, digital scales and calipers, GPS receivers, network equipment consoles, data loggers, flow meters, micro-controllers, and much more. SerialMagic supports more serial devices and runs on more platforms than any other software of it's kind.

How can I try out SerialMagic before I buy it?

Please check out our SerialMagic downloads page for evaluation download links to most of our supported platforms. Contact us about potential solutions on other platforms.

What serial input interfaces does SerialMagic support?

The connectivity options for SerialMagic greatly depend on the platform
"Bluetooth" implies Bluetooth SPP (serial port profile).
"Cable" implies RS-232 compatible or emulated interface.
"Wi-Fi" implies support for the WiSnap Wi-Fi to serial adapters.

Android 2.1 (and later)
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (and Server versions)
. .
Blackberry 4.2.1 (and later)
Mac OS X 10.5 (and later)
Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Smartphone or Professional
Symbian S60 OS 7, OS 8, and OS 9
Palm OS 5.2(and later)

¹ - Feature coming soon
² - Available using 
ScanReader Flow

Why is “Unlicensed SerialMagic” being displayed?

You will receive “Unlicensed” messages if SerialMagic has not yet been registered.
Enter the license key that was generated by the Serialio.com Store.
If you purchased the software from a distributor, please contact them for a token.

Where is the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) support?

Unfortunately, iOS does not allow applications in the background to perform processing, which SerialMagic requires to send data to other applications. We have many Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices available that can connect directly to iOS without any additional software. Please contact us about your requirements.

I love SerialMagic and want to buy it. How can I get a license for SerialMagic?

Please visit our online store to purchase SerialMagic licenses. You can download SerialMagic from our downloads page then register it using these instructions. Contact us if you need many licenses and would like to discuss volume licensing.

I purchased a SerialMagic license, where is my license key?

Click here for instructions on generating a license key.

If I purchase SerialMagic through my account, how do I provide license keys to another party (client/co-worker/customer)?

See the SerialMagic Licensing for Resellers note on our website.

I received a “token” from my supplier, how do I exchange this token for a key?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SerialMagic License Tool and enter the token.
    1. Input your name, and/or Hardware ID, and click “Generate Key!”
    2. Enter the resulting key into the SerialMagic software to register. 
    3. Write this key down for your records.

I am a developer and want to take advantage of the powerful data capture engine in SerialMagic. Is there an API that I can use in my application? What is the cost for the API?

Absolutely, please see our SerialMagic API page. 
Note: The SerialMagic API is available with a SerialMagic license purchase.

What is my registration name? Where is my Hardware/Computer/Device ID?

The registration name chosen during license key generation is used to help you identify where your license keys are used. The registration name can be anything you would like to help you recognize which device that the license is used on. The Hardware ID (aka Computer ID or Device ID) is found in the SerialMagic application on the device that will be receiving the license key.

Can I get a bundled discount on a SerialMagic license if I purchase hardware from SerialIO.com?

We offer bundled discounts on SerialMagic with the purchase of barcode scanners or RFID readers. SerialMagic (on some platforms) is even free of charge with some Genuine devices purchased from Serialio.com, such as Scanfob® 2005 wireless barcode scanners, or Scanfob® HF and UHF wireless RFID readers.

What kind of support do I get with my license purchase?

Serialio's world-class support will help you get the software setup for your needs.
We provide up to 3 months of basic setup support with the purchase of a SerialMagic license.
Within this time, you are entitled up to 3 support setup incidents, although most users only need one.

What if I want to upgrade software to the newest version?

If you purchased a bundle with SerialMagic Pro within the last year, you are entitled a free upgrade.
After the 1-year warranty period has ended, upgrades for SerialMagic can be purchased for $49.95.

How many devices can I install SerialMagic on?

You can install the free SerialMagic downloads onto as many devices as you'd like, but each license key is only valid on one device.

What if the device with my license key is broken or lost?

If your SerialMagic license is under support, contact Serialio.com for a license reset, allowing you to generate a new license key for your replacement device once within the one year support period.

What happens after my license support expires?

Your SerialMagic license will continue to work on the device it was originally registered for, perpetually. If you need technical assistance, including setup assistance or software updates, you may need to purchase a support incident or new license key. If you need to reset a license key on a broken or lost device, there is a $19 license reset fee (does not include support - only a new key). If your license key is out of support, you will need to purchase a new license key.