How do I pick the right barcode scanner? offers a broad range of barcode scanners. There are cabled scanners, Bluetooth (wireless) scanners, 1D and 2D barcode scanners, battery-powered, rechargeable scanners, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Click here to help determine which scanner is right for you!

I want to buy a Scanfob® 2006 barcode scanner. Does it require software?

The Scanfob® 2006 has multiple connection options that allow it to work on a wide variety of platforms. Some platforms may require SerialMagic software, such as Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Desktop platforms can operate with or without SerialMagic, such as Windows and Mac OS X. iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone*, and iPod Touch* do not require any software. Click here for more information on SerialMagic.

External link: Which iPod Touch do I have?

*iPhone must be 3GS or later; iPod Touch must be 3rd Gen or later

Why choose the BlueSnap USB instead of other Bluetooth USB dongles?

Here are some reasons why our BlueSnap USB is superior to other Bluetooth dongles:

  • Bluetooth setup is significantly easier with SerialMagic.
  • Has the Bluetooth software stack on-board, which is more stable than Windows Bluetooth.
  • BlueSnap and Bluetooth device can be moved between computers without re-pairing.
  • Use with SerialMagic to remotely configure other BlueSnap RS-232 modules over Bluetooth.

Do your products run on Parallels and/or Fusion virtualization software?

Yes. Our products have been tested and run on Parallels Desktop and VMware Virtual Machines.

Do your barcode scanning solutions work on the Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

We have many solutions that operate on the Apple iPhone*, iPod Touch*, and iPad or iPad 2. Both the Scanfob 2006® and KDC200 laser Bluetooth barcode scanners can connect directly to these iOS devices and enable scanning into any application that accepts keyboard input. *iPhone must be 3GS or later; iPod Touch must be 3rd Gen or later External link: Which iPod Touch do I have?

How do I create barcodes?

There are many options for creating barcodes. There are many barcode creation programs and barcode fonts. We recommend our Free Online Barcode Generator.