This guide will demonstrate how to connect two BlueSnap Smart adapters with Android and Windows.


You will need:

  1. An Android device
  2. A Windows PC
  3. Two BlueSnap Smart RS232 to Bluetooth 4.0 adapters
  4. An RS232 to USB adapter cable


Step-by-step guide


1. Plug in (1) BlueSnap Smart into a power source

2. Plug in the other BlueSnap Smart into the Windows PC via a USB to Serial adapter (this should also power the device)

3. Make sure both BlueSnaps are powered on by pressing the red button (lights should flash)

4. Open up the SerialMagic Gears app on the Android device

  • Find the BlueSnap that is not connected to the Windows PC and connect to it

5. Open up the yACK BLE app on the Android device

  • Find the BlueSnap and connect to it

6. On the Windows PC, run JavaTerm as an administrator

  • Click on Connection --> Settings 
    • Under "Connection settings" --> "Port", select the BlueSnap that is connected via Serial to USB
    • Click OK

7. On the Android yACK BLE app, notice the MAC address highlighted in green. There should be a button on the green highlighted area that says either "Strm" or "Cmd"

  • Switch to "Cmd" for command mode
  • Switch to "Strm" for streaming mode
  • By typing into the field at the bottom of the screening and pressing "Send," you should be able to see that the command/text was sent to the BlueSnap that is connected to the Windows PC has received the command/text and is displaying it under the "Received bytes" section of JavaTerm