1. Scanfob is requesting a PIN code
    1.1. If your Scanfob 3002i is requesting a PIN code, you need to disable authentication. You can disable or re-enable authentication by scanning these control codes:


  2. Scanfob is unable to scan QR or barcodes off of some displays
    2.1. The Scanfob 3002i is not designed to be able to read off of older displays, such as CRT monitors or displays with a very low resolution.

  3. Scanfob is not discoverable long enough to connect
    3.1. The Scanfob 3002i is designed to automatically turn off the Bluetooth engine after a period of inactivity. This is to improve battery life. This timeout can be configured or even disabled with these control codes:


  4. Scanfob is not appending a carriage return to each scan
    4.1. Scan this barcode to configure your Scanfob 3002i to append a carriage return character to each scan:

  5. Scanfob lost connection and now my scanned data is gone
    5.1. Unfortunately, you may have to re-scan the data that you lost. However, to avoid this happening in the future, scan these barcodes:

    The first one is "Enable Data Memorizing" & the second one is "Memorize Data After Disconnect"


  6. Scanfob is not seen by my Windows computer when plugged in via USB
    6.1. USB communications are disabled on the Scanfob 3002i by default.  To enable USB communications, scan the "Enable USB Communications" QR code from the Quick Start Guide.

  7. Some scanned data is inconsistent when scanning into an iOS device in HID mode
    7.1. HID mode stands for Human Interface Device. This means that, while in HID mode, your Scanfob 3002i is communicating with your device as if it was a Bluetooth keyboard. The nature of this Bluetooth profile is subject to occasional missing characters and inconsistencies. To avoid this while using your Scanfob with an iOS device, you can use the Scanfob 3002i in MFi mode. MFi mode is more reliable (similar to SPP), but you must be using the Scanfob with an MFi certified application. Note: All Serialio applications for iOS are MFi certified.

  8. Scanfob is not emitting a laser
    8.1. The Scanfob 3002i will not emit its laser when it is in Bluetooth discovery mode. As soon as you pair with your device, the laser will be available again.

  9. Scanfob is not discoverable via Bluetooth
    9.1. Once you scan the Bluetooth mode that you want to connect to your device with, the Scanfob 3002i is not automatically discoverable. To make your Scanfob discoverable, you must hold down the large button on your Scanfob for approximately three seconds or until the LED begins to flash blue. The Scanfob 3002i is only discoverable when this blue light is flashing. If it times out before you are able top connect your device, repeat this process.

  10. Scanfob has difficulties when scanning in a low light environment
    10.1. To configure your Scanfob 3002i for use in low light environments, scan these barcodes:

    The first one is "Enable Flood Light" & the second one is "Toggle Internal/External Illumination."