1. Laser comes on, but the scanner can't read/decode the barcode
    1.1. Scanner is not programmed for the correct  type of barcode. Make sure that the scanner is programmed for the type of barcode you are attempting to scan.
    The Scanfob CS3070 is capable of reading the following barcode types:

    To enable or disable sending a "No Read" message to the host after scanning an incompatible barcode, scan the barcodes below:1.2. Barcode symbol is unreadable. Check the barcode to make sure there is not smudged ink or inconsistencies.1.3. Barcode is out of range. Try moving the scanner closer to the barcode before scanning again.

  2. Scanner emits long beep tones for five seconds when scanning a barcode
    2.1. This indicates that the memory is full. Download the scanned data to the desired host and clear the scanner's memory.

  3. Scanner does not read/decode the barcode and the LED flashes yellow, red and green
    3.1. The scanner needs to be reset. Press and hold the reset button or scan the "Restore Defaults" control code:

  4. Scanner LED turns red for several seconds
    4.1. The battery is low. Charge the battery for a minimum of two hours.

  5. Scanner will not fully charge
    5.1. The power cable or USB hub may be incompatible with the scanner. Try charging the scanner with a USB powered hub (5V, 500mA max)

  6. Bluetooth LED turns off
    6.1. Scanner is out of range of the Bluetooth host. Move closer to the Bluetooth host and press any key to re-pair with the host.

  7. Unable to see the scanner's drive when connected to a host (Windows/Mac)
    7.1. The scanner is mapping a drive that is used by another device. If on a Windows PC: use Windows' map drive function to change the scanner's associated drive letter.

  8. Scanner is unresponsive after performing a live update (software download)
    8.1. The downloaded firmware is incompatible with the scanner's hardware. To resolve this, manually start the software: Remove the underside cover and then use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button. Then press the (+)/scan button to power on the scanner and load the old firmware.
    8.2. To find the firmware, Bluetooth or scan engine version of your scanner, scan the associated scan below (after connecting to a Bluetooth host):

  9. Unable to switch Bluetooth modes for scanner
    9.1. To switch Bluetooth profiles, scan the associated barcode below: